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Parental Contact

Parental Communication Information

How we deal with your concerns

To ensure that your communication or concerns are dealt with by the appropriate member of staff, you will find below specific contact details for each member of staff. Contact with the relevant member of staff may be made by email, telephone or letter. Our preferred method is email as this is the most efficient way of communicating in school.

We will always try to acknowledge your communication within 24 hours, excluding weekends and will respond as soon as possible thereafter. Please note that part-time staff may take longer to respond.

To deal with your concerns personally, if contact is made via email staff will respond to you by phone call.

We are confident that our current procedures are sufficient and that we can alleviate any concerns you may have. Please be aware, however, that comprehensive solutions often require adequate information to be gathered. This inevitably requires time to gather the necessary statements/paperwork. We would therefore try to dissuade parents from arriving at the school without an appointment as the person they wish to see may be unavailable or may not have the appropriate information to hand.

We would always hope that we would have the opportunity to resolve parental concerns. If, however, having followed each stage of our procedures, you are still not satisfied then please contact the Headteacher in writing.

A copy of our Concerns & Complaints Policy is available on our website under School Documents - Policies.

When emailing the school, please provide:

  • Your child’s name and tutor group
  • Details of your communication or concern
  • Phone contact details and the most convenient time for a phone call

When ringing the school, please:

  • Note that in most cases it will not be possible to speak directly with the staff member concerned immediately
  • Note that reception staff will email the relevant member of staff on your behalf
  • Provide your child’s name and tutor group
  • Provide details of your communication or concern
  • Provide phone contact details and the most convenient time for a phone call


The acknowledgement and celebration of success undoubtedly plays an important role in the motivation of both staff and students at Stewards Academy. We are grateful for any positive feedback that you may have regarding the work of all members of our school community (students, staff and support services). Feedback can take many forms;

A written letter of thanks (often posted on a staff notice board), an e-mail (circulated electronically to relevant staff), a response in one of our parental surveys (seen by staff and governors) or oral feedback at events or Parent Evenings (passed on via staff briefing).


It is always great to hear about your child’s achievements out of school. Please keep us informed via email so we can celebrate their achievements with them.

Parental Contact Information

Stewards Academy, Parnall Road, Harlow, Essex, CM18 7NQ
(01279) 421951

Subject Related Matters

Any subject related concerns should in the first instance be directed to your child’s classroom teacher.

Email addresses are provided on the following page.

Examples: Academic Progress/IPRs/Direction to Afternoon Prep/An incident during lesson time/Classwork and Homework


Student Pastoral Issues

Any pastoral concerns should in the first instance be directed to your child’s Pastoral Support Manager

Incidents with other pupils outside lesson times/Home issues/Social Progress/Wellbeing/Apparent unfairness

Year 7 & 8

Year 9 & 10

Year 11

Miss A Dangerfield

Pastoral Support Manager

Mrs T Brough

Pastoral Support Manager

Ms J Morley

Pastoral Support Manager

Mrs J Bartlett -Pastoral Lead

Mr D Treamer -Pastoral Lead

Mr G Hughes -Pastoral Lead

The Bridge

(Referred Pupils Only)


Integration Team

(Referred Pupils Only)

Mrs A Atkinson

Pastoral Support Manager

Mr D Treamer

Lead Teacher – Alternative Provision

Mrs K Larkin

The Bridge Co-ordinator

Mr T Ford

Pastoral Support Manager

Other areas of academic and extra-curricular parental contact are detailed below


Mrs D Brazier

Mr T Bailey (Tues - Thurs)

Career Guidance/Work related Learning

Mr G Cooper [part time]

Miss H Care

Special Educational Needs

Mrs A Dykes (PA to SENCO)

Mr J Greenway (SENCO)

Safeguarding & Child Protection

Mrs D Ramsey (Safeguarding Lead)

Mr T Ford (Deputy Safeguarding Officer)

Lost property

Miss N Webb

Medical issues/concerns

Ms L Sams


Mr D Treamer

Parent Pay

Mrs J Umpleby 

School Trips

Mrs S Bishop


Mrs G Slater


Mrs M Armstrong

Pool and Sport Hall Lettings

Mr N Mann

Clerk to Governors

Mrs C Rogers


Department Staff Contact Details

Art & Photography

Head of Art & Photography

Miss H Martin                      8HM


Mr M Scholtes


Mr M White                     9MSW



Subject Leader for MFL

Ms L Rafferty                      9LCR

Assistant Subject Leader

Ms P Gilme                         11PG


Mrs L Annetts [part time]


Ms S Anspach [part time]


Ms O Menuet                     11OM


Ms J Sherwin                       7JAS


Mrs K Wichowska



Subject Leader for English

Mrs R O’Grady                  7ROG


Miss E Brigenshaw            11EB


Mr J Compton


Mrs E Elsdon [Mat Leave]


Mr S Ginger                         8SJG


Mr J Greenaway


Mrs D Ramsey


Mr P Sadler


Miss P Tovey                    10PBT



Head of Humanities

Mr J King                              11JK

Head of Geography/International Dimension

Mr P Hickman                    11PH


Ms F Dickinson                     8FD


Mr S Dougherty                    8SD


Ms E Griffin                           9EG


Mr C Hawk                           9CH 


Mr S Preece


Mrs H Sherwood


Mr R Treamer                      10RT



Head of ICT Faculty

Mr S Locke                          8SPL


Ms J Francis [part time]


Mr M Harman


Mr D Treamer



Subject Leader for Maths

Ms L McDevitt                    10LM

Assistant Subject Leader

Mr N Kelly                        10NMK


Mr N Altaf


Ms D Chandler                    8TEC


Mrs E Gannon  


Mrs H Morland Banks    11HMB


Mr E Oranye                       10EO


Mr J Phipps


Ms S Rogers


Mrs T Tant


Mrs E Woolley                     7EW



Subject Leader for PE

Mr J Sanders                          9JS


Mr G Hughes


Mr T Hughes


Ms G McGarry                      9GM


Mrs S Goddard


Ms C Venables                     7CV


Performing Arts

Head of Performing Arts/Drama

Ms D Johnson                      11DJ


Mrs J Bartlett


Ms K Thurley                         9KT



Subject Leader for Science

Mr R Perrin

Associate Subject Leader

Ms S Ellis                               7SE


Mr A Coates                       8ALC


Mr J Daniels


Ms K Hemady                       9KH


Mrs U Manivchuk                7UM


Ms E Mohamed                    8EM


Mr R Nolan                           7RN


Mr R Plested                       10RP


Mr M Rew                          11MR



Head of Technology

Mr J Butler                        10JMB


Mrs V Edwards                     7VE


Mrs C Ellis [part time]


Wider Key Skills


Mrs S Hunt


Leadership Team


Mrs H Ginger


Senior Deputy Headteacher

Mr M Scholtes

Deputy Headteachers

Mrs M Erwood [part time]


Mrs S Goddard [part time]


Mr S Preece


Assistant Headteachers

Mr M Harman


Mr T Hughes


Ms D Johnson


Mr R Perrin


Mrs D Ramsey


Mrs H Sherwood