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Stewards Academy

Stewards Academy

Science Specialist

High Achieving Pupils

Honours Programme

The Stewards Honours Programme is a coaching focused group for pupils from Years 8-11 who have shown potential to achieve Grades 8-9 based on Key Stage 2 starting points and internal assessments.

The programme involves a fortnightly meeting during morning prep to discuss their learning, progress and targets  and opportunities to offer support and guidance throughout the year. Pupils engage in activities based on P4C (Philosophy for Children), public speaking and personal reflection to facilitate growth mindsets.

This year we are entering two teams for the young citizens Magistrates Mock Trial competition and we have had a group of students selected for the Brilliant Club.


The Brilliant Club

12 Year 8 and 9 pupils from the Honours Programme will be participating in a programme run by the Brilliant Club. This provides support for pupil-led projects by current PhD students. We have been allocated Clare College, University of Cambridge and pupils will be completing projects linked to the Arts and Humanities departments.  Through a combination of university trips, in-school tutorials and online resources, pupils develop knowledge and skills to help them progress to further and higher education.


Archaeological Dig

For the past two years, we have been lucky enough to secure 9 places for history students to participate in the University of Cambridge HEFA Archaeological Dig. This has been a fantastic opportunity for all pupils involved. The trip involves 2 days field work and then a final day spent at the University itself listening to lectures to assist them with the write-up of their findings. The projects are marked by university staff and all pupils are provided with detailed feedback based on GCSE criteria.