Year 9

Head of Year - Mr G Hughes

Pastoral Support Manager - Mr T Ford

School Courses Programme
Year 9 is a crucial year for pupils at Stewards Academy, as they embark upon their Upper School Courses. From September 2009, Year 9 pupils will begin a three year Key Stage 4 programme.  Within this, Pupils will study three carefully chosen options alongside the following core subjects. Subjects will be studied at either GCSE or BTEC level:-

Employability Skills

Independent Learning Tasks
Completion of additional work at home will play an essential role in the success of each pupil at KS4. Regular homework tasks will be coursework based and available on the Website as of September. Pupils must ensure that they adopt a positive and committed approach to both classwork and homework if they are to succeed at Key Stage 4.

Monitoring Pupil Progress
During this vital year, pupils will be monitored very closely by their teachers to ensure that each child progresses well as they work towards their target grades.  Feedback to parents about individual progress will be provided in the form of regular IPRs, through the annual Parents Evening and in additional Support Workshops for parents throughout the academic year.

The Extra Curricular Activities
Opportunities to grow outside of the classroom will still remain an integral part of a Year 9's life at Stewards. Pupils will be encouraged to represent the school in a variety of ways, through:-

Sports Teams / Fixtures / Annual Events
The School Council
The Year Council
The Enterprise Challenge
School Productions
Music Concerts
Prefecting Opportunities

The Ardeche Experience
The Ardeche Water Sports Holiday is one of Stewards most famous residential trips. This nine day holiday in the south of France, provides pupils with an exhilarating mix of sports including Sailing, Body Boarding, Windsurfing and a 32km Canoe descent. The trip takes place in June and the first half of the week is spent in the Mediterranean whilst the other half is located in the picturesque Ardeche Gorge.

Pupils are given a second opportunity to participate in the trip in Year 9, alongside their Year 8 peers. Many pupils choose to go once again or to experience the holiday for the first time.

Dates 2010 :12th - 20th June

Every Child Matters
The 'Every Child Matters' policy is embraced wholeheartedly in Year 9. Thus the pursuit of extra curricular activities remains equally as important as the academic side of life. The Year 9 tutor team are proud to promote the development of the 'whole' individual and continue to support pupils not only their studies but in their wider contribution to society.