Year 8

Head of Year - Mrs Ramsay

Pastoral Support Manager - Mrs Wilson

As pupils enter Year 8 they face an important year in their school career.  They have settled into life at Stewards and have become a valuable part of the school community. Throughout the year we will be closely monitoring pupil progress to ensure that they meet their target grades. Target setting day is a very important part of this process. Each pupil will have a 10 minute appointment with their tutor during which they will discuss progress and set targets for the coming year. During registration times pupils will be working on Literacy and Numeracy activities to support their learning and Personal Learning and Thinking Skills which will help them to become independent learners.

In the Spring term we will invite pupils to an Upper School Choices evening. The aim of the event is to assist pupils in making decisions about the courses they will study in Year 9.   Subject teachers will be available to discuss the course content and to answer any questions that pupils or parents may have. Further Education and Careers advisors will be able to offer information on planning for the future. 

One of the elements of the 'Every Child Matters' initiative is that pupils 'Achieve Economic Well-being' and throughout Year 8 pupils will be exploring finance and employment.

One of the sessions we have organised is the 'What's my job?' activity during which pupils will work with representatives from local business to explore the qualifications and skills needed in the world of work. The 'Learning to Earn' session will focus on managing money and will help pupils in preparing to become financially independent adults.

The Year 8 Enterprise Team works with local businesses to develop pupil's understanding of the world of work. Pupils are offered information, advice and guidance on developing employability skills and financial capability.

The Year Council will take on a lead role in the organisation and running of a charity event. Year 8 pupils find this to be a valuable experience and feel more confident when undertaking independent research, presenting their ideas, working in a team and taking responsibility for decisions.

In order to allow pupils to experience the world of work they are encouraged to take on responsibilities and are given the opportunity to hold a position of responsibility within the school. As the Student of the Day they will work with the reception staff, deliver messages, sign visitors in and out and escort them to their appointment.

Independent Learning Tasks
Year 8 will be issued with project based Independent Learning Tasks. These will be issued in advance to pupils and will span several weeks. All pupils should record their Independent Learning Tasks in their Learning Log and should establish a clear routine for the completion of the work. We ask that parents and carers check that homework is being recorded and completed by the due date.