Sociology at KS4

Sociology is  offered at KS4. Pupils are taught in mixed ability groups by a specialist teacher. The department is equipped with many new resources. We primarily use the new textbook which has been written specifically for this specification ‘OCR GCSE Sociology’ written by J. Jacobs-Roth, L. Taylow, B. Viveash and K. Waterworth and published by Heinemann.

The GCSE Syllabus taught is OCR GCSE Sociology which consists of 3 major units of work.

1.   Sociology Basics (1 hour exam) counts for 25% final mark.
2.   Socialisation, Culture and Identity (1 hour 30 mins exam) counts for 50% final mark.
3.   Applying Sociological research Techniques (1 hour exam) counts for 25% final mark.

The new GCSE OCR Syllabus is very varied and offers a range of topics to fit individual interests including: family, education, media, work, crime, youth and an introduction to sociological ideas.