Science 11 Double

GCSE Double Science


For current Year 11 the majority of pupils will study Double Science which results in 2 GCSEs.

We follow the OCR Gateway B suite of examinations. For Double Science, pupils will cover 4 Biology, 4 Chemistry and 4 Physics modules.

Internal Assessment

During each module of work pupils will be assessed using data from their classwork, homework and in-class tests.

External Assessment   

Pupils written exams will take place at the end of the GCSE course in Year 11


Double Science

= GCSE Science

Module 1 Exam 35%

Module 2 Exam 40%

Controlled Assessment 25%

= GCSE Additional Science

Module 3 Exam 35%

Module 4 Exam 45%

Controlled Assessment 25%


Controlled Assessments

Controlled Assessments require pupils to work:

        I.            Independently on a research task

      II.            In a team,  designing and carrying out a practical investigation related to the research task.

    III.            Individually recording and writing up a scientific report about their investigation.

Part (I) can be done out of school but parts (II) and (III) have to be completed in school under supervision and cannot be taken home.