Aims & Ethos


At Stewards we aim to instil a life-long engagement with music and a greater understanding of how it is created and performed in different communities throughout the world. We understand the contribution of the creative industries to the UK economy and the presence of British music on the world stage; an understanding we use to promote Music as a valid career choice. Through informal learning practices and practical music-making we teach broader attributes such as resilience, respect and responsibility.

Students are given a range of opportunities to express themselves through musical performance.  Our main public performances are the Christmas Concert in December, the Annual School Production and the Summer Concert in July. In addition, we stage other more informal performance platforms including the Choir Performance Evening and our mini concert at St Clare Hospice.

We are regularly invited to provide live music for whole school events such as Graduation Evening and Presentation Evening. We also organise workshops and visits to supplement our students’ experience.

Examples of our pupils’ work can be heard at