Information for Trips & Activities


Attendance on school trips is at the discretion of the school. Pupils attending school trips and visits must have good attendance, be up to date with their work and behave in accordance with the school's Code of Conduct. 

Your Child and Overseas School Trips

At Stewards we offer lots of exciting opportunities for our pupils, some of which involve travel abroad – from residential trips within the European Union, North America and Asia – to day trips, where your child will have the opportunity to practise foreign language skills. In future academic years there may be the possibility to go even further afield! Therefore, your child will need their own passport and, if travelling to an EU country, their own European Health Insurance Card [EHIC].

When a child does not already have the above documents, we have found that it creates a lot of last minute problems, and could even lead to missing out on a trip if the documents cannot be provided in time. These days, school travel companies require passport numbers, date of issue, etc, at the time of booking so it would be extremely useful for parents/carers to study the following information which will help us ensure that arrangements can be made in good time, and thus ensure a smooth and enjoyable experience for your child.


If your child does not already have their own, it would be beneficial for parents/carers to obtain a 5-year machine-readable or biometric UK passport prior to starting secondary school. Passport forms can be obtained from your local Post Office. For further information about child passports visit or telephone the Passport Advice Line on 0870 521 0410. Be aware that some countries ask for passports to have at least 6 months validity from the date of departure or visa application. Passports can be renewed no more than 9 months prior to expiry date.

European Health Insurance Card [EHIC]

From 1st January 2006, a valid EHIC card should be obtained and carried by each pupil. Your child will need their NHS number plus full name, address and date of birth. The card is free and is now a plastic ‘credit card’ type. This card is easily obtainable by phone (EHIC Applications Line 0845 606 2030 – your card will be delivered within 10 days), via the web site (your card will be delivered within 7 days) or by post (pick up an EHIC application pack from your local Post Office branch – your card will be delivered within 21days).

Further information, including a full list of countries covered, along with details of their ‘health systems’ can be found in the booklet ‘Health Advice for Travellers’ available from the Post Office and on line at

We hope the above information will be useful and that your child, whilst at Stewards, will enjoy visiting new places and countries. Should you need to discuss any points with a member of the school staff, please telephone and ask for Mrs Bishop.