History is taught throughout KS3 in mixed ability teaching groups by a team of specialist staff. Pupils in Years 7-8 have the equivalent of three hours of History over our two week timetable.

At KS4 pupils study a diverse range of topics at GCSE including:

  • Warfare 1250-2003
  • Henry VIII and his ministers 1509-1540
  • Cold War 1943-1991
  • The USA 1954-1975

Pupils sit three GCSE exams at the end of Year 11.


At KS3 pupils complete an assessment every half term. Assessments are completed in class and for homework.

In Year 7 pupils study

  • the Normans
  • Medieval monarchs
  • the Tudors 
  • the British Empire.

Year 8 provides pupils with the opportunity to study

  • the First World War in the Autumn term
  • the Second World War in the Spring and Summer terms.


At KS3 pupils are set homework tasks that build towards the main assessment which is written at the end of a half term.

At KS4 homework is set regularly and centres on exam practice.