At Stewards Academy we follow the new AQA ‘A’ syllabus. The course runs through years 9, 10 and 11.The syllabus covers a very wide and interesting range of Geographical topics, many of which are regularly in the news.

The course is split into THREE main sections.

Living with the Physical environment (35% of total marks

  •       The challenge of natural hazards – Volcanoes, earthquakes, tsunamis & tropical storms.
  •        Physical landscapes of the UK – Rivers and coastlines.
  •        Living World – Rainforests and fragile ecosystems.

Challenges in the human environment (35% of total marks

  •       Urban issues and challenges.
  •        The changing economic world.
  •        The challenge of resource management.

Geographical applications (30% of total marks

  •       Issue evaluation: pre-released exam material.
  •       Fieldwork (written in exam conditions)

 The course is assessed 100% by exams. The fieldwork will be written in exam conditions.

 There will be THREE exams at the end of YEAR 11.