English is divided into KS3 (Years 7 and 8) and KS4 (years 9,10 and 11) where GCSE courses are pursued.


Pupils are taught in sets in K3, year 7 being grouped in the autumn term. KS3 English is divided into two disciplines: Language and Literature. Pupils experience a wide range of texts: literary, non-fiction and literary non-fiction covering  several genres (novel, poetry, short stories, media texts, and information texts). They develop skills in reading, writing and spoken language; refining and extending literacy skills. Pupils also read for pleasure taking advantage of weekly reading lessons (ACE) and our well stocked library.  Texts are reviewed regularly to keep in line with current trends.

Units of work are planned around half terms (or in the case of the 19th Century Novel, a full term).Pupils progress in monitored through an interim assessment and a final assessed piece. Pupils are advised on "What Went Well" and "Even Better If".

ACE Reading

One lesson per week is dedicated to reading practice.  A range of activities, including guided reading, independent reading and book club take place.  Pupils participate in Renaissance accelerated reading and are able to take online quizzes on books they have read to demonstrate reading engaged time and progress in reading.  They are expected to read for 30 minutes every day.


Language and Literature are also taught to all pupils in KS4.  Skills developed in KS3 are used and built uponduring the KS4 course.  We follow the EDEXCEL syllabus for both English and Literature.