Design & Technology


Design and Technology at Stewards Academy is essentially a practical subject, which encourages students to recognise that Design and Technology are forces that change the world in which we live. It requires students to make practical use of knowledge from other curriculum areas and to combine their designing and making skills with knowledge and understanding in order to design and make quality products. Pupils in years 7 and 8 follow a carousel of opportunities which allow them to develop skills in the full range of technology subjects.

Design and Technology provides excellent opportunities for students to apply valued judgements of an aesthetic, economic, moral, social and technical nature in their designing and to existing products and their applications. It also provides excellent opportunities for teamwork. Students use a range of communication skills, including verbal, graphical and modelling skills, to help their thinking and ability to take action in the process of designing.

We prepare students for a world in which technology is changing at an accelerating rate. Our vision is to provide the best education in Design and Technology, taught in a dedicated and stimulating environment. The requirements of the National Curriculum are met and enhanced with relevant and imaginative teaching. This experience will ensure students are able to successfully complete ever more challenging tasks and embrace rapidly changing technologies.