Resistant Materials / Product Design

Resistant Materials and Product Design
They are both very practical courses and we have recently included visits to the Creative Centre at the University of East Sussex and to local companies able to show students different aspects of industrial manufacturing processes, to help pupils gain a better understanding of the design for society, sustainability, inclusivity and innovation.

Resistant Materials focuses on products predominantly manufactured in woods, metals and/or plastics, whereas Product Design has scope for students to integrate core elements of Textiles, Graphic Design and Resistant Materials.

Mark allocation for Resistant Materials and Product Design: 60% for coursework; 40% for the final Examination.

The deadline for all Year 11 coursework assessment is February.

Year 11 Catch up club
The department offers an opportunity for pupils to attend a catch up club on a Thursday evening between 3-5pm, for pupils who need extra support or guidance with their course work. Two class teachers and the department's technician are available during this time.

AQA Resistant Materials Technology
Students will develop a range of products in response to 5 core areas of: 

  • Designing & Making Skills
  • Materials & Components
  • Processes of Manufacture
  • Design & Market Influences
  • Sustainability of Design

Units of work include:
Year 9:

  • Bookends inspired by an art movement (wood and clay)
  • Bottle opener (metal and wood)
  • Door signs (plastic using CAD/CAM)
  • Sustainability project - Design a sustainable football stadium
  • Bird boxes (wood) - Developing links with Geography and Science
  • Perfume/Aftershave bottle project (prototypes)

Year 10:
Pupils will cover various modules building up a revision folder that will help them in preparation for their GCSE exam in year 11.

Year 11:
Pupils start their GCSE course work which includes the production of a low voltage lamp inspired by an art movement of their choice. The course work consists of twenty A3 pages that show the whole process from the design brief, research, designing, development, making and evaluation. Please see the template below.

AQA Product Design
The structure to Product Design is the same as Resistant Materials but the projects will have more focus on sustainability, social, moral and cultural issues, design and prototypes.

Year 11:
Pupils start their GCSE course work which includes the production of a product which is yet to be decided.