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I am delighted to have the opportunity of introducing you to Stewards Academy.


At Stewards pupil achievement and opportunities are at the heart of all we do.  We strive to enable all our students to achieve their very best; be that in terms of academic achievement or contribution to the life of the school and wider world.  We develop in pupils self-confidence and personal and social skills so that they can become effective members of society and self-assured citizens.


In April 2017 Ofsted Inspectors wrote a glowing report which confirmed Stewards to be a good school with many unique features: good relationships between staff and pupils; impressive teaching; a positive climate for learning; a family atmosphere; strong leadership and management; exemplary pupil behaviour; an incredible range of extra-curricular activities and overwhelmingly positive parental support.


Inspectors reported: “Visitors to Stewards Academy are warmly welcomed, and immediately struck by the schools positive climate and the cohesiveness of its staff and pupils….the school runs like clockwork and everything is purposeful and well organised”.


The Inspectors noted that: “around the school, pupils are considerate and courteous.  They rise to the challenge of having additional responsibilities and are highly appreciative of the unwavering support that their teachers provide”.


We are extremely proud to have received such a positive endorsement of our work.  The report recognises the ethos and culture of Stewards, the dedication of teaching and associate staff and the atmosphere of support and wealth of opportunities provided to enable our students to achieve success.


Stewards Academy has gained an excellent reputation.  We have strong links with the business community and international links with other schools.  We have received numerous national awards in recognition of the high quality education we offer.  The website gives you more information about the work of the school, and an idea of what we value in a school of which we are justly proud.



Rhonda Murthar BA, MA[Ed]


To read the full Inspection Report please click below

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Latest News

  • Selfless Act by Pupil


    Stewards Academy is very proud of year 9 pupil Libby Morland-Banks for her latest selfless act for a good cause. She was a recipient of the Jack Petchey award last year when she cut off 17cm of her hair for the Little Princess Trust. This year she has cut off 34 cm of her hair for the same charity, which provides wigs for sick children. Libby is a very humble young woman who has a very caring nature. Not only is she a member of Stewards School Council, but she is one of the two representatives for Stewards Academy on the Harlow Youth Council. We are very proud of Libby's gesture to help other children who are going through a difficult time in their lives.


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  • Legally Blonde Junior


    Stewards Academy rocked to the rhythm of the 'Legally Blonde' production for five performances this week. Pupils from local primary schools attended the show on two consecutive afternoons, as did the public who came along on three evenings to watch the journey of a young American law student. Who happened to be female, and blonde!!

    Sixty pupils were involved in the production which was a singing and dancing extravaganza. The star of the show was year ten pupil Jamie-Leanne Wheatland as Elle, who went to Harvard to follow the man she loved, having discovered that Warner - year eleven pupil Mac Favell - did not consider her to be 'serious' enough to be considered as potential 'wife' material! Seasoned year eleven performers such as Hannah Furness took on the role of Paulette, who guided Elle in her journey to find her inner resilience. It was not long before Elle discovered that her boss Mr Callahan - newcomer to the stage year eleven pupil Jack Patten - was not really interested in her legal qualifications!! But more interested in her looks! However eventually love conquered all and Elle realised that Emmett - year ten pupil Freddie McCann, another newcomer to productions - was the man for her. Paulette also finally found the man of her dreams in Kyle - year eleven pupil Johnathon Martin. And Elle was able to prove that she was a worthy legal counsel for her client Brooke Wyndam - year ten pupil Emily Oliver - when she solved the murder case and was able to prove who the real culprit was - Chutney, year eight pupil Charlotte Goodenough!

    The production was as always a real highlight of the Stewards calendar. Although Director Ms Thurley was not able to be at the production, Producer Di Johnson spoke on behalf of the production team when she congratulated the pupils on their hard work over several months. Special mention was made of sixteen year old Emmanuel Ekezie, who has only been at Stewards for three months, yet his skills and expertise were invaluable in the technical operation of the show. Ms Johnson also thanked Ms Murthar for her unstinting support of Performing Arts over many years. 

    Headteacher Rhonda Murthar said: 'As always, the cast and backstage crew have put on a fabulous show which exemplifies everything that is so special about Stewards. These children will remember this experience for many years to come, and the friendships they have forged across year groups will enrich their lives. I may be retiring this summer, but the Stewards annual production will always be a date in my diary.'

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  • Kingsmoor Primary Visit – Water, Water Everywhere


    Stewards Academy played host to Kingsmoor Academy when the pupils visited Stewards to take part in a number of science investigations all related to water. Year 3 – 6 pupils set off Hydrogen/Oxygen Rockets making water in the process. They got to use a Bunsen burner and they tested different foods for the presence of water.

    Angela Lymbouris, Assistant Principal at Kingsmoor who attend the visit, said: “Thanks again for such a fun and valuable experience on Monday. The children absolutely loved it and have shared their learning with their classes back at school; there was a real buzz from them whilst they were sharing what they had learnt.”

    Russell Perrin Subject Leader for Science at Stewards Academy who hosted the visit said: “The pupils from Kingsmoor were extremely well behaved. They showed a keen interest in the science they were studying – particularly when they got to use a Bunsen burner! I had a great time sharing the afternoon with the pupils and staff from Kingsmoor and I look forward to seeing them again soon.”

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